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From Untouched Foothills Of The Taurus Mountains To Your Home…

Aysu Water Treatment Plant is located in 18500m2 land with 7500m2 open area and has the second largest source of Turkey.Average Annual Flow Measurement 1600l/sec.Aysu Natural Water Supply untouched foothills of the Taurus Mountains is located 1108 meters above the sea.Production facilities located right next to the source so ensures we have the reach to you without disturbing the natural health of water.

The source is located inside the factory and thanks to this feature found in very few in our country production is done at the source. Production is made hygienically.Aysu uses appropriate technology fully automatic machines have allowed 500 tons to 400 tons per day with polycarbonate water bottle packing capacity one of Turkey's largest water production has the distinction of being the source.

Aysu, from source is filled in completely hygienic untouched and reaches you.Aysu bottles the unique taste coming from the peaks of the Taurus Mountains with high quality standards which allows you to share the purity of nature with your family that deserves the best.Aysu with the mineral wealth of flavour floor, added to water from the geological layers formed on thousands of years on the foothills of Dedegöl Mountain. 

Aysu presenting the unique taste coming from the depths of high mountains with high quality standards, Aysu allows you to share the goodness of nature with your family with the peace of mind you feel. At every stage of filling through carefully analysis fully safe in terms of hygienic and sanitation rules we offer to our consumers.

8,3 Ph Alkaline Water
1600 l/sec. Flow Rate
500 Ton Daily Production